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John Knipp


John Knipp is a photographer and social media marketing strategist who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

As a social media marketing strategist who helps businesses and individuals find their unique story, John has collaborated with many notable brands including Google, Amtrak, Samsonite, Keurig, Seamless, Gurney’s Resort, Triumph Hotels, The Restoration Hotel, Hotel Indigo, SOHO Int’l Film Festival, and more.

His photographic style has been cultivated from years of experience working with brands large & small, weddings, portraiture, and from life on the road. In addition to being an accomplished photographer and social media marketing strategist, John is also Google's Official - Brand Ambassador and a part of their elite creative team - #TeamPixel.

John's body of work for Google was showcased in the Youtube House at 2018's Sundance Film Festival and featured on Google’s Instagram page seen by over 8 million people worldwide.